Do you know who Jennifer Raab is?

Most people didn’t know

You would think that when you talk about the President of Hunter, people would know something (anything at all really) about her.

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t really know much until I started working on this article.

But I at least know her name.

So I went around the campus and started asking students, “Do you know who Jennifer Raab is?”

Daniel, 18, Psychology


“Is she the president of…undergrad?”

Carlos, 19, Gender Studies and Early Lit and Marcus, 18, Education


“No, I don’t.”


Ariella, 19, Pre-med


“She mad rich.”

Daniel, 20, Biology


“Who doesn’t know who the Queen is?”

Noor, 18, Poli Sci/Film


“I’ve always wondered who was in charge of all this here.”

Alex, 19, Undeclared and Cristina, 18, Pre-med


“Yes. She’s the president of Hunter.”

“No. Sorry I don’t.”

Shakira F. Geography/Chinese


“She is Hunter’s president. I know her because I know she is responsible for bringing in a lot of donations and money for the school.”

Well, there you have it. Most people don’t know too much about her or even who she is. But she mad rich. That we definitely know.

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