What’s the best neighborhood in NYC?

You mean it’s not Bay Ridge?

New York City. The city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere.

Living here during our college years means we have the privilege of visiting the many legendary neighborhoods and experiencing the various communities that dot and spec the five boroughs.

We asked Hunter students which of the countless local regions is best.

Jennie McMorrow, 19, Psychology

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I’ve been living in NY for about a year and a half now. I started off in the upper east side and lived there for about 9 months, then I moved to Bushwick. I love my neighborhood dearly, but if I were to choose a favorite it would be Williamsburg. I went there for a show one night and was amazed by how beautiful it was. It was my first time there and it just looked like a fun place to be. Everyone was out and about and looked like they were having a fantastic night. The vibes were all in all really good, and I ended up meeting a bunch of cool people. As much as I love Manhattan, my heart resides in Brooklyn.

Marius Alfred, 22, Psychology and Hannah Hodgson, 20, Undecided

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Marius: The East Village because it’s shows an  artistic side of the city.

Hannah: Upper East Side. It’s got the best restaurants and bars, and there are always cute little boutiques with nice things and the lies are really nice.

Martin Romer, 22, English and Alex Tracey, 23, Studio Arts

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Martin: I really enjoy Midtown honestly. Even though tourists can be annoying it’s so cool to stand in a tourist spot like Times Square or Herald Square or Central Park and just look at the people. All of these people come from around the world to see these places and we do everything in our power to just avoid them. That’s crazy.

Alex: I love the Lower East Side. It has some of the best bars and pizza ever. Some of the places there are a real hidden treasure but they’re also like a diamond in the rough with a terrible atmosphere but the best alcohol in the city.

Alexa Rae, 22, Nursing

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I mostly stay in or around the Upper West Side. It’s just so beautiful to walk and gape at everything. It has celebrities and museums and amazingly structured buildings-I just love it.

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