Where’s the best coffee around Hunter?

‘Anywhere with the cheapest coffee’

Coffee — hot or iced, black or with milk, plain or with sugar.

There’s many variations in the city that never sleeps and no one knows that better than Hunter students. Being in college means endless amounts of school work on top of a social life and perhaps a part-time job. It’s easy to see why most of us need our coffee fix to start the day.

The Tab went around Hunter asking where the best coffee is.

Melissa,  Sophomore, Undecided 

1Do you drink coffee everyday? 

“Yeah every single morning, coffee with milk.”

Do you make it at home or go somewhere around Hunter that you like?

“If I don’t make it at home, I go to Dunkin and buy it.”

What do you usually get? 

“A medium iced caramel latte.”

What happens if you don’t drink your coffee? 

“I’m groggy and tired and just easily annoyed.”

Jacob, Junior, Journalism

Jacob (2)Do you get it everyday? 

“Pretty much.”

What do you usually get? 

“I get a regular from Shakespeare and Co. I get a small and save room for milk.”

You mean Shakespeare and Co, the bookstore? 

“Yeah they have a coffee shop now. They’ve been open for this semester.”

Do you only get your coffee from there?

“I used to go to Starbucks but I don’t really do that anymore because this is quality coffee and Starbucks is dessert coffee.”

Glismarie and Cindy, Both Freshmen and undecided

GADo you drink coffee everyday? 

Glismarie: “Occasionally.”
Cindy: “No, it’s not really coffee. It’s vanilla chai but sometimes when I’m tired.”

Why do you drink it? 

Glismarie: “Sometimes I just want it, sometimes I’m tired and I need the energy. I usually get a medium coffee with milk and sugar from pretty much any place?

Do you only drink chai or coffee too? 

Cindy: “I don’t like coffee. The taste is kind of bitter.”

Courtney, Junior, Pre-Nursing

CourtneyDo you drink coffee daily? 

“Pretty much, when I have early classes . If I have a later class maybe not so much because I know I’m going home right after.”

What do you usually get?

“White chocolate mocha from Starbucks with extra caramel.”

Why did you get Dunkin Donuts today? 

“Because it was closer, I didn’t feel like walking so much. I got iced latte caramel flavored with extra sugar.”

Stefanos, Senior, History & Political Science

StefanosDo you drink it everyday?


What do you get? 

“Coffee with just milk.”

Is there one place you like to drink from or just anywhere that has coffee? 

“Anywhere with the cheapest coffee. I really don’t like Starbucks.”

Aiman, Sophomore, Undecided

AWhat’s the best coffee around Hunter? 

“I don’t know. I just like coffee.”

Why do you like coffee? 

“Because I like the taste.”

Jasmin, Senior, Psychology

JasminWhat did you get right now? 

“I just got regular coffee.”

Do you get coffee everyday?

“Just about.”

Which is the best coffee around Hunter? 

“Starbucks. Usually I get pumpkin spice . It tastes good. If you like pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, you’ll like it.”

Jaclyn, Senior, Psychology

JaclynIs there a place around Hunter that you like to drink coffee from? 

“I usually get from the food truck in front of Hunter.”

What do you usually get? 
“I usually get iced coffee.”

Do you drink it everyday? 
“Three times a week.”

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