TEDxCUNY 2015: ‘Borders and Belonging’

The event is free for CUNY students, faculty and staff

CUNY has partnered with TED and will be holding an event on Friday, November 20th at Borough of Manhattan Community College in their TriBeCa Performing Arts Center.

Sessions will begin at 9am and continue until 5.30pm, each lasting an hour and a half. There will also be workshops and activities centered around the theme of “Borders and Belonging”, which focuses on rethinking what physically as well as socially divides and unites our society.

Divisions can be created in society through class and race, but these social issues can also unite people through discussion. The Tab went around Hunter spreading the word and met students supporting the cause.

Jacquelyn, Junior, Psychology

Olivia, Junior, Journalism

What do you think about the TED talk topic?

Jacquelyn: “They’re definitely strong topics that are popular and it’s important to talk about. If I was free and had someone to come with me I’d go.”

Olivia: “I would consider going to the event if I’m not too busy or a friend to go with I think I’m more likely to go. I think it’s an interesting topic to talk, even if I can’t make it I would watch it online later.”

Michael, Senior, Political Science

Nerdeen, Senior, International Relations

What do you think about the TED talk topic?<

Michael: "I think it's important that people understand these kind of things. It's the world that we live in. I would go to it and hear the speakers."

Nerdeen: "Michael and I are part of Students Without Borders. Yes we're fighting for free tuition, ending the militarization/privatizations of our schools but we're also tackling social issues that the TED talk discusses that have implications inside and outside our schools. These are important issues that Hunter students need to know about."

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