Cute outfit, where did your mom buy it from?

‘She would buy me stuff but I told her to stop. She doesn’t have great fashion taste’

As college students we’re expected to be adults, but there’s someone who is always there for us – our mothers. Winter is coming and our mothers may help us stay warm in the already chilly weather.

So did your mother buy any of the clothes you’re wearing right now?

Andy, Sophomore, Education


“A lot of times my mom would be like, ‘Do you want to go shopping?’and I decline like 98% of the time. I buy my mom clothes like a jacket. I work hard for my clothes. How does my hair look?”

Jeffery, Sophomore, BioChem

“None at the moment. When she buys me clothes I like it sometimes. I would honestly spend the money myself because parents have other priorities.”

Jessica, Freshman, Human Biology

“This poncho I’m wearing is the only thing. We went shopping that day and she said I would be buying my own stuff. But she just surprised me and bought it for me.”

Steven, Freshman, Animation

“Hmm…everything I’m wearing right now I bought with my money. Currently I work at Haagen-Dazs at the Queens Center Mall. I like earning my own things like I bought my own PS4 for $128. I have my ways.”

Emmanuel, Freshman, Physics

“What I’m wearing right now isn’t picked by her. I don’t work but she provided me with the money and I went to the store to buy it. She would buy me stuff but I told her to stop. She doesn’t have great fashion taste.”

Junh, Sophomore, Undecided

“I live with my dad, so does that count? He used to buy me clothes. The problem is I don’t buy clothes either.”

Ashley Sophomore, Undecided

“All of it. I like when she pays for my clothes. Her sense of style is good but different from mine. I’m trying to think of a nice way to say this…I’m a lot less conservative than she is.”

Vivian, Sophomore, Undecided

“None of the clothes I have on my mom bought. I work for it but she doesn’t buy because whatever she gets me I don’t wear.”

Fariyal, Sophomore, BioChem

“No I bought eveything myself. I work but I would prefer her buying me clothes. She could give me money and I would buy. She doesn’t have a good fashion sense.”

Robert, Freshman, Physics

“None of the clothes I have right now, except my socks. I didn’t like the things she has bought me.”

Hunter College