How do you find being surrounded by rich people all the time?

‘I don’t mind, I’m just doing me’

At the beginning of the week, Tab editor IIya Kundin wrote about Hunter’s place in the Upper East Side.

But how does it feel going to a public college in a rich neighborhood?

Ruby, Sophomore, Undecided

“It’s overwhelming for us as college students. When you look for a dollar slice we have to go to a high end restaurant.”

Carla, Junior, Sociology

“It sucks when we want to eat something and everything is unnaturally expensive. I don’t ┬áhave a meal plan to fall back on like other schools.”

Becky, Freshman, Undecided

“I don’t really notice it. I don’t think it makes any difference.”

Michael, Freshman, Biology

“Coming here I don’t feel like there’s a large disparity. I’ll be walking around and see expensive things in stores and it helps me want to aspire to do more. It’s something to aspire to and look forward to.”

Olivia, Junior, Journalism

“It never really occurred to me until you go outside and see the stereotypical nanny with children. Our school is in the middle of the city so it doesn’t really impact me. I guess because we’re not that far from midtown. We’re not in the richest area.”

Antonio, Junior, History

“Well everyone here is the same as us, it feels normal. Everyone is from the other boroughs – Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx. No one lives in the neighborhood, that I’ve met. I’m fine with it.”

Jasmine Sophomore, Political Science

“I come from Connecticut farm town. I live in the 92nd dorms and even in a 30 block distance it’s ridiculous how different it is. It’s richer here at Hunter than around 92nd. In Connecticut it was all the same.”

Justin, Freshman, aiming for Physical Therapy

“Frankly, it’s whatever. I don’t mind, I’m just doing me. I don’t care what the rich people are doing with their lives.”

David, Freshman, Undecided

“I feel like the wealthy can contribute to the school. Don’t other neighborhoods pay taxes for the high schools near by? We should have the same. I don’t want to sound cliche but we are the future.”

Hunter College