A Hunter grad’s starting salary is $11,000 above the national average

Spare a dime, brother?

The average starting salary for a Bachelor’s graduate from Hunter is $44,800, according to the Department of Education’s College Scorecard

Considering the fact that we live in 2015 and not 1980, this is a number that should cause discomfort.

Prices are constantly increasing, we’re still recovering from a recession, and owning a house in your 30s— something the past generations were able to achieve with relative ease — is a sad fantasy.

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College grads step out into the “real” world, with a sheet of fancy paper that promises them the past 4 to 5 years were enough to land them success and comfort in their careers, only to find that finding jobs, paying rent, and meeting the standard of living is downright difficult.

PayScale places Hunter as ranking 388th out of 1034, with $44,800 as the average starting salary and $78,200 as the average salary after 10 years.

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Compared to the average, that’s better, but not by much.

Compared to the other two “big” CUNYs, however, the results are a bit upsetting.

Baruch ranked 211th, with $50,700 as the average starting and $86,200 after 10 years.

City scored even better – ranking 202nd, with $51,400 at the start and raising to $86,600 after 10 years.

Despite Hunter being the biggest and one of the stronger CUNY colleges, these stats are still unsurprising. Predictable, even. You’re probably reading this and thinking, “Oh well. Yep. That’s what I expected.”

(If you’re actually upset or surprised, know that Brooklyn scored 400th, with $42,000 at the start and $77,800 after 10 years, and feel better.)

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