BREAKING: Shots fired on The Hill late Saturday night near Lincoln and Pennsylvania

The scene has been cleared

Around 11:45 PM on Saturday, October 22, rumors started flying about a "shooting" near a popular Fraternity annex, supposedly located on/near Pennsylvania Avenue, on The Hill.

Boulder City Police have since confirmed the rumors to The Tab. Last night, police advised that students keep their doors locked. They are still looking for suspects.

One witness, Finn Molloy, who was at a party on The Hill when the shots were fired explained the situation. He had his back turned toward the shooter when he began firing a gun.

"I heard 10 shots," Finn told The Tab. "I thought they were fireworks and looked back and everyone was running."

Jennifer, a Lyft driver, shared that she attempted to pick up a ride request on Pennsylvania, but was unable to drive down the street. Before she could pick up her passenger, a sheriff stopped her and told her she could not get down the street because there was a shooting and the shooter had yet to be found.

The Hill, as all Buffs know, is well traveled no matter what night, but the streets are not known for being particularly unsafe. This occurrence, rumor or truth, just goes to show we never know what could go down on The Hill, so stay safe, Buffs.

After the shooting near CSU just a few days ago, it's all the more alarming to see gun violence creep into our small mountain city.

We will continue to update this story as we find out more information.

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