“Trusting the Process” of CU sorority recruitment isn’t as easy as it sounds

You’ll rush like a pro with these tips

You move in, make it through your first day of classes, and by Thursday it's time for sorority recruitment.

That’s a whole lot to be packing into a two-week time period. Freshman this year move into their dorms on the 22nd of August. Classes start the following Monday, then sorority rush comes two days later. When I went through recruitment, there was time to get a feel for each house before recruitment started. Now they’re really having girls “trust the process.” (#TTP)

Not every one knows what to expect in the coming weeks, so here are the basic guidelines to rocking rush from the moment you set foot on campus.

First things first, it's time to move in

When you first arrive at your dorm, there are people volunteering to help you get your luggage to your room. Most of these volunteers are girls in sororities – girls who will be talking to potential new members come recruitment week. Make friends with these girls, they know how stressful the process can be and will be a friendly face in a sea of many new ones.

After you have all of your belongings crammed just how you like them into your lil' cube of a dorm, go meet people. Anyone could be a new best friend, partner in crime, or sorority sister. Be interested in everyone you meet, be kind, have fun. And be yourself, there is no point pretending to be someone else when you could potentially make the best crew for you. Use this time before classes and welcome week events pick up to pick out your rush outfit, see what other girls are wearing, and collaborate.

You’ll go to parties up on The Hill with the people from your floor and hall, some fraternity parties and some house parties. There may be girls who are in sororities already at those parties. Be wary of your actions, have fun, but try not to be too crazy. Keep in mind that girls are searching for their new pledge classes now.

Floor-mates make the best of friends, and can end up a srat sister

Floor-mates make the best of friends, and can end up a srat sister

Most importantly, the start of classes on the 28th

This first week of classes is called Syllabus week (aka “sylly week”) and is a wild one. All the classes this week entail going over the class calendar, grading system, weekly homework, etc. The professors rarely assign homework during this week, so Boulder is full of parties day and night. Some people skip class, but certain professors will drop you if there is a waitlist, so go to class, and keep in mind you can manage to have fun in your off time.

It’s also worth it to show up this week because there may be sorority girls in your classes. Again, connecting with them gives you a friendly face to turn to during rush and could make your entire experience easier. A lot of the time on the first day of class each fall semester you can spot the Greek Life girls easily – they're the ones wearing the matching t-shirts to rep their respective houses.

So many potential sorority sisters

So many potential sorority sisters

Pretty soon after, recruitment begins

Recruitment’s actual start date this year is August 30th. This is when you will be assigned to your Rho Gamma leader, a girl who will not affiliate with her sorority this week so she can help you through the process to find the best house for you. There will be lots of other rushees like you in your Rho G group, but try not to think of them as competition, and more as friends. It can be easy to see rush as a competition, but it isn’t. Everyone is there to make friends, so put yourself out there, introduce yourself, say hi to someone you think lives in your dorm, help each other plan your outfits, etc.

Be confident, pretty much everyone wants to be your friend.

You will be given a slip of papers with your date book’s time and house. The first day is the most casual day. The days get increasingly dressier until bid day when it's okay to wear denim shorts. Going into these date books, everyone will tell you to "trust the process." I can't tell you how many times you'll hear that sentence. But it's true, trust the process, and you will end up where you belong.

Pro tip: if you have to run back and forth between far away houses, bring a change of shoes or consider biking so you aren't late. Or call a Lyft… no judgement here.

Date book slip for the second day, narrowed down to five houses

Date book slip for the second day, narrowed down to five houses

But wait, there's a hiatus for the Rocky Mountain Showdown

Rush will pause for the annual rivalry game between CU and CSU. Definitely try to get a ticket to the game at Mile High Stadium, and take the bus there with friends from your dorm. If you want to get crazy, get some friends together and rent a limo for the event. Tailgate in style.

Bond with friends from your floor, have a blast, chant against the Rams, turn up to the CU rap song. Take this as a much needed break between the chaos that is recruitment.

And now, back to rushing

Jump right back into the fray after the weekend, but stay on top of your classes. Sororities require a certain GPA to maintain membership. Start this semester off strong while managing to get through the process.

Alongside trusting the process, you should also stay clear of the "Bs" during sorority recruitment. That means don't be too showy with your boobs or your butt when deciding what to wear. You're making friends who want to see character, intellect, and spirit, not cleavage and crack.

Another thing, avoid mentioning boys, booze, Barack, bible, or bucks. These make up the "Five Bs" and essentially make partying, religion, money, and politics convos off limits. Sororities are not looking for people who only want to be their friend for access to parties and liquor, and they don't care how much money you have.

Try to stay away from politics and beliefs, but these can be brought up if you feel them necessary to describe you. All of these topics can and should be discussed with your sisters once recruitment is over.

Remember, you are making potential friends for life. Look deeply into the people you are conversing with. Try to imagine yourself at each house, lounging on the couch, and ask if yourself if you can really see yourself there. You want to be comfortable with your new sisters and your new home away from home.

Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi

Last but not least, it's time for Pref Night

Preference Night is the last night of recruitment, you get the most dressed up and you will only go to two houses. By this point, you have already gotten to know what each sorority stands for, what their philanthropy is, and get a feel for their vibe.

After this night, you will rank these finalists, and you will see where you end up. Here is where you really have to trust the process. You have spent all week getting to know these houses and some times you still don't make it into your top choice.

Try to remember what you liked about the other houses and think about what they see in you. They want a best friend too, and you may be in the very best place for you come bid day.

The best day finally arrives, it's Bid Day

After a long week of trusting the process, following your heart, and putting on makeup every day, Bid Day comes around. You will head to the UMC, heart pumping, and open your bid card. Then you will be whisked away by your new sisters to a party where you get to know everyone in your pledge class and the ones above you.

Embrace every moment of this day, even if it isn't your first choice. Who knows, you could meet your very best friends.

Kappa Alpha Theta Bid Day

Kappa Alpha Theta Bid Day

Featured Image: Pi Beta Phi Bid Day

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