CU is one of the top colleges that dominates both academically and athletically, says Forbes

Can’t stop the grind

CU isn’t just one of the biggest and best party schools in the country. We’re also ranked 24th in the nation for excelling in academics and athletics, according to Forbes.

Hanging out at the top of the list are CU’s friendly west coast neighbors, with the top three spots going to Stanford, UCLA, and USC. CU might be hanging out at the back of the list, but hey, at least we made it!

With the likes of Yale and Princeton on the list, CU’s administration will surely flaunt this ranking for all potential Buffs to see as admissions season fast approaches.

CU Alumni, Coburn & Simpson, turned Olympians

How did Forbes decide on the rankings? For a school to qualify for having a dominating athletic program, they had to fall in the top 1% of all-time NCAA championships. The minimum for this was 20 championships, and then those schools were considered for the list.

Next, the academic scale. Forbes looked at their list for America’s Top College and compared that list to the athletically gifted schools they had previously compiled. From there, they landed on the 25 schools and planted CU in at 24th. It’s interesting to note that almost 70% of the list consists of public schools.

Source: Facebook – CU memes for rly buff teens

Keep up the grind, athletic and studious Buffs! Being a student athlete isn’t a piece of cake, but you’re making the rest of us non-athletic regular people really proud to wear the black and gold. See you all in Norlin to get back to hitting the books.

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