Boulder’s Insta-famous students shared all of their best tips for killing the Insta game

How to maintain your ~aesthetic~

Last week, The Tab got all the tea on what goes on behind the scenes with the most followed girls of CU. This week, we’ve got you covered with all the best tips from the very same girls who have thousands of followers and are most definitely on the rise.

Best spots in BoCo to snap Insta-worthy pics:

Pearl Street


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Colorful graffiti

smiiile today 🙂

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White walls (the one on 14th street, specifically)

charmin & ultra soft ? @jsiegelphotography

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Gross Reservoir

today we didn't mind where we got lost☺️?✨

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Lost Gulch Lookout

happy happy ✨?

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keep it up

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Alpine Modern Cafe

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Check your lighting!

let's play a game called who will make it out alive in 5 days

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Best apps to edit those Insta-worthy pics:


feelin fine in @georgiajewels

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Instagram editing features (especially for colors!)

my boooooogie all night longs✨????☯️?

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missing my sinnnny & ATX…booking flights today i can't handle it ???

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What goes down once you gain a major following:

Gab: I feel like I’ve always been addicted to my phone, but when there are more comments and action going on I feel like I’m constantly checking

Jules: I expel too much energy taking photos for Instagram and trying to make my feed "aesthetically pleasing." I focus too much on looking at what others are doing, sometimes feeling envious of their lives, instead of focusing on myself.

Nicole: I’m not trying to become a model or public figure or anything. I have Instagram to post photos that bring me happiness, document my life and memories to reminisce on, and to share my thoughts and feeling with other people.

Kendel: Having more followers definitely has made Instagram a more prominent part of my life which has its goods and bads.

Natalie: I have to be more conscious about posting photos when I collaborate with brands.

Lara: Having a following has me emailing back and forth with brands and photographers way more than I would have expected.

Liv: I find myself following more and more influential girls and brands everyday.

Go and give the girls a follow if you haven’t already so you can get inspired by their aesthetically pleasing content, they’ve earned it.

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