Debunking every myth you’ve heard at CU Boulder

Unfortunately there is no creative way to get your tuition paid for

We have all heard of them, maybe seen or know about them, but these myths about CU Boulder are believed throughout campus. Here’s the truth about them.

If you get hit by a Will Vill bus you will get free tuition

Unfortunately, this is not true and was an April fool’s joke a couple years ago. So no, do not run in the middle of the street because it will not result in anything but broken limbs.

Ralphie the “buffalo”

Nope, not a buffalo. Ralphie is actually a bison. While her location is hidden, it is known that the “buffalo” is actually a female bison. Originally named Ralph, the mascot’s name was changed because of the gender.

What really happens in the stacks at Norlin

Rumor has it that a common bucket list for a graduating CU student is heading over to the stacks for more than just searching for a book… Still unsure whether this one is true or not, considering the stacks at Norlin are mostly silent at all hours, but props to anyone who’s checked it off.

You can still go to detox if you are 21

Yes, being publicly intoxicated can still get you in major trouble and cost you a trip to the drunk tank even if you are of legal drinking age.

CU is the worst team in the Pac 12

According to our most recent football season, I can confirm this is an absolute myth.

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