House on the Hill broken into and robbed during Saint Patrick’s Day

A Macbook, sunglasses and car keys were all stolen

Last Friday as the sun was shining and the darties were raging for miles from early in the morning until night, a robber was out and about on the Hill. When the robbery occurred, many partygoers had finally gone home to sleep. Feeling safe in their homes, many students living on the Hill leave their doors unlocked while home, but unfortunately this was taken advantage of.

CU senior Lizzie, was one of the robbery victims, who had come home for the night not long before it occurred. When she woke up the next morning, she discovered that the back door of her house was wide open. She immediately knew something was wrong because she and her roommates did not use that door. Lizzie then noticed that everything on her kitchen table was missing. She quickly called to her roommates who were still sleeping upstairs at the time. They rushed in and were equally shocked. Lizzie’s Macbook was stolen, along with her roommate, Julia’s sunglasses, and their friend’s car keys.


Julia, also a senior at CU, was equally stunned and frightened by the event. She could not believe that someone had come into their house and stolen from them. It was not only upsetting that their possessions were stolen, but their sense of safety and privacy had been violated.

After filing a police report, Lizzie logged into her iCloud account and attempted to locate her laptop. To her surprise, it had already been erased and removed from her account. This was when she became sure that the crime was calculated.

The girls believe that the person was searching for unlocked doors and taking what they saw immediately in front of them, because their other possessions were not touched. They also said that another house nearby had been robbed that day, which has not yet been confirmed. No word from Boulder PD on the whereabouts of the robber and the extent of their crime has been released at this time.

Updates to follow.

University of Colorado Boulder