A CU Buff’s honest survival guide to Spring Break in Cabo

No, walking to class does not count as a pre spring break workout

(Un)fortunately, spring break is right around the corner, which means Cabo for most CU Boulder students. Prepping is an absolute necessity for a successful trip, but there are also some things you’ll need to know to survive the week.

How to prep…

Pick out your favorite swimsuits (one pieces)

So your diet that started two weeks before spring break has not given you the results you wanted. Opt for a cute one piece. Trust me, you will be thankful to be wearing a flattering one piece once Facebook pictures from Cabo are posted.

Show up already tan

Spray tans, the ultimate easy confidence booster. Sure, it may look like you have been under the sun for a full month when you arrive in Cabo, but they are an easy way to make yourself look and feel better in a bathing suit.

Stop late night eating

For the tenth time, no, guacamole and chips is not good for you because of avocados. Instead of heading to Illegal Pete’s while walking home at 1am, make sure to leave a granola bar by your bedside in order to not wake up with regrets in the morning.

(try to) Exercise

If you haven’t been to the Rec Center in so long you almost forgot where it was is probably not the greatest start. At the very least, try to make it there a few times a week before heading to Cabo.

Once you’re there…

Drop the tanning oil

Unless you want to feel and look like you bathed in The Sink’s fryer, just put on some sunscreen. You will be thankful not waking up with a farmer’s tan on the second day and smelling like tanning oil for a full week.

Take short naps

They are known as power naps for a reason. For no more than 30 minutes during the awkward time between day parties and getting ready in the night, these are absolutely necessary. And no, you cannot snooze your phone for an extra hour, or you will wake up feeling groggy.

Have all of your friends on “Find my phone”

Sure, you swear you told everyone to meet in the lobby at four, but not even you made it on time. This is one of the best tools in order to not lose track of your friend group after the second day.

Come back in one piece

And do not lose your passport…

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