How to kill time during your awkwardly long class breaks at CU

Because there are so many better things to do than study in Norlin

So you are sitting sipping a mediocre coffee during that awkward two hour long break every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Instead of pretending to do homework in Norlin, there are many activities to do in order to kill time during awkward gaps between classes.

Make a four course meal

It may be 11am and HungryBuffs is a much easier option, but what better time could it be to eat four meals in one sitting? Sure, you may have to head to Whole Foods since the fridge is filled with pickles from last semester and half a stick of butter, but blowing half of your allowance for the month on a five star meal is worth it.

Hike the Flatirons

No, walking from your dorm to campus does not count as a hike. Have an awkward amount of time to kill? Why not head north to the Flatirons to burn some calories in between two classes. A simple two hour hike counts as exercise for a lifetime.


Want to let loose? Follow the nearest blasting music on the Hill and relax with a nice Bud Light and show up awkwardly buzzed to your next class.

Attend a sports game

Whether it is hockey, basketball or baseball depending on the weather, the options are limitless. Especially in Denver, where super large arenas can give you the opportunity to attend any sort of sports game.

Explore the paint mines

A quick two hour drive will bring you to Calhoun, Colorado, home to the Paint Mines. This is an easy way to take a relaxing walk around the beautiful mines and take your mind off of school.

Head to the outdoor mall/farmer’s market

Stressed? Why not go to the 29th Street mall for some retail therapy and food shopping. This will probably result in some regrets on your credit card bill and a few angry texts from your parents, which are also a perfect way to kill time between classes!

Attend happy hour

What better time to enjoy a cocktail than in between classes? Usually specially priced, happy hour at anywhere especially Illegal Pete’s is a great way to unwind… before you have to rewind for class again.

Attend a spa day

Get in your *zen* mood and partake in a relaxing massage. While you may end up being late for your next class, a spa day will take away any school related worries.

Watch an entire season on Netflix

Take up the show your roommate has been begging you to watch for the past month and use the awkward gap between classes to binge watch Netflix. This will be a great conversation starter for any class discussion.

Don’t go to your next class

Maybe you are just better off napping…

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