We get it, they mention Boulder in ‘Closer’… now can we all agree to move on with our lives?

If I have to hear this song one more time…

The Chainsmokers, a noticeable favorite of CU students, came out with one of the most popular songs of 2016 in July. Maybe you’ve heard it – it’s called “Closer.” And we all know “Closer” exploded in Boulder because of the song’s shout out to an old roommate whose mattress was taken. We know that because literally every. single. time. the song is playing everyone starts screaming like the world is ending. But besides the fact that the girl in the song clearly has awful roommate etiquette, why is this song STILL being played all the time?

Any given night on the Hill you can hear it blasting from the inside of houses and apartments, and even louder when it gets to “from your roommate back in Boulder.” You go to the bars and pray that DJ Petey will just play something else, literally anything ANYTHING ELSE. Your roommate has been begging everyone to listen to his mixtape? Give it a try. Your friend sent you a video of a cat burping the alphabet? Sounds great. Just dead silence? Probably better than listening to “Closer” at this point.

We’ve seen tons of Halloween costumes and Instagram captions about it at the peak of its popularity, but now it has been played to death and I think we can all agree it’s time we acknowledge that and move on with our lives. I know I’m not just speaking for myself when I say it’s time to let this song go and lay it to rest. I love the Chainsmokers and their music, but the time has come to get this off the party playlists for a while. Keep the mattress you stole, seriously, it’s yours. Just let us live our lives in peace again please. It’s time to beat another song to death.

University of Colorado Boulder