Can we talk about how literally every girl at Boulder dresses exactly the same?

Chokers and fur vests are a must

Despite the fact that it is nearly two degrees out (or feels like it), you will always see hoards of girls at Boulder in the same stylish trends during any season. Winter calls for cute hats, leggings that also work as Spanx to tuck in the beer belly and coats that probably will be left at a frat a week after purchase. Any season though, you can always check out your roommate’s closet for the same pair of pants that you have, but still need to borrow since yours are dirty. Because if we’re being completely honest, basically every girl at Boulder dresses the same and we couldn’t care less.

The “I only woke up two hours before class to get ready” look

*Comes into class with straightened hair and perfectly done makeup.* You should probably start waking up for your 10am at 8am in order to have that “effortless but I still look good” look that more than half of the girls in your lecture will be displaying. The leggings, with some sort of expensive Converse-like shoe, and the type shirt that makes you wonder whether they are going to class or to a party. And, of course, a flannel or some sort of sweater to make the outfit daytime appropriate 

The winter darty

Girls usually go for the chill hipster outfit that is not keeping them warm. This consists of an oversized colored coat from Urban Outfitters, or a vintage coat that was not actually purchased at a second-hand shop, but that is the desired look. Usually accompanied by a beanie that will be lost under a pile of red solo cups.

The sunny darty

You will usually see hoards of girls roaming The Hill on a Saturday afternoon anytime it is above 70 degrees outside. Outfits usually consist of some sort of trendy sandal, oversized sunglasses and something hipster. Maybe a pair of overalls? A trendy hairstyle? Whatever the squad is feeling that day. As long as everyone looks the same.

Going to the mountains to take pictures

This will usually result in a flurry of Instagrams. Whether it is 70 and sunny or in the negatives, Flagstaff Mountain is a great photo opportunity – no sweating required. These outfits include (but are not limited to) ripped jeans, an oversized sweater and some sort of jacket that is not too puffy. We all like to pretend we’re outdoorsy even though we have not been near the Rec Center since before Thanksgiving Break.

It’s two degrees, but we are going out

Snowing? Hailing? Skirt it is. Accompanied with something that is also black. Actually, a majority of the outfit is black, every girl needs to match with every other girl to avoid getting lost from the crowd. Added on with a leather jacket that will probably be lost within the first 10 minutes of the party.

The tailgate outfit

Every girl Buff knows that a tailgate outfit is not complete without a shirt that was probably found in the toddler section of the CU Bookstore and cut into a crop top. Add on a pair of gold or black bottoms and some accessories you found from Halloween and the outfit is complete.

The gym

Leggings, Nike sneakers and a tight tank top. Am I missing anything?

New season, new style trends to keep up with. Despite the fact that it is snowing every other day, not wearing a grey sweatsuit to class is an easy way to stay stylish in the cold or warm weather – and match with everyone of your classmates.

University of Colorado Boulder