X-Games fashion inspo for every Buff trying to look hot in the cold

‘Where’d you buy your glitter? It’s adorable!’ – every girl at The Chainsmokers concert

The Essentials:

The fuzzy/furry coats

Just like last year, you couldn’t look in any direction without seeing at least three oversized fuzzy/furry coats. It says “I’m here and I’m fun and I know how to dress while still being relatively warm.” But, if where you were staying had a pool or hot tub, you were probably wearing swimsuit bottoms or a hot one piece, so maybe not that warm.

??- games was a hit

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Got game?

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Out-there sunglasses

The bug-eyed glasses are in, the Lennon glasses will never go out of style, and kaleidoscope eyes have never been more relevant. That snow is blinding, so we totally understand the need for the flashy eyewear. Plus, it’s an easy way to hide your hungover eyes and spice up your heavy winter coat and boots.

made this exact same face walking out of the Apple Store today after not having a phone for a week‼️

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Happy as a clam!!! I'll visit again soon Aspen, even though you probably won't miss me!! ????

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The more glitter, the better

Ke$ha’s signature look is making a comeback, people. Start stocking up on that fake eyelash glue because those rhinestones won’t stick to your chilly cheekbones by themselves. Feathers in your hair are to Coachella as glitter faces are to Aspen.

peace & love & glitter & rainbows & unicorns?✨???

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Round 2 ??

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They keep you warm, they’re the comfiest thing in your closet, and they’re pretty cute. No shame if you pulled one of these babies on before you headed to see The Chainsmokers.

? happy place ?

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Wild leggings

Probably not the wisest item of clothing to wear while trekking through below freezing temperatures and knee-high snow banks, but they definitely made you stand out.


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Stay cozy. ??✨

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You won’t even realize how cold it is if you can’t see your breath! Just kidding, you definitely will. But, at the very least, you’ll look cuter than the people in the black ski masks. Fashion over warmth was the X-Games motto, it seems.

Thank you and goodnight

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Ily @thechainsmokers

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Statement beanies

Has that term been coined yet? If not, there you go! These cute accessories have a name, and they ran rapid at the base of Buttermilk.

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Retro jackets

Can we even call them retro anymore? We see everyone around The Hill sporting them, and we wear them to our mixers so often, we might as well just admit it: “bright neon jackets are back in style, and they’ll never let us down.”

Our sisters are having way too much fun this weekend at the X-games! ??

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"I could put you in a log cabin, somewhere in Aspen" – T Pain

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For the boys:

We didn’t forget you, gentlemen. Sure, your outfits didn’t fill up our Instagram feeds & stories as much, but you were still there rocking the latest X-Games fashions.

The jersey

A classic. A go-to. Easy to layer with and matches your friend’s fur coat perfectly, so a jersey is never a bad idea. Bonus points if it’s CU apparel, never stop repping.

somehow survived

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Retro jackets

The boys always take a different color scheme route with this one, but it’s not any less fun than us girls with our pinks and purples. Bright orange and blue make quite the statement.

We were staying in Aspen . . . . . . . #chainsmokers #aspen #winterxgames #loveyourmelon #andersonpaak

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Earth tones

When in nature, dress like nature? These guys had the right idea with their deep greens and blues. And again, they all perfectly match their friend’s must-have coat.

X games with fam #❤️?

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Will these trendy fashion statements last ’til next year? Will they even make it to Saint Patty’s day before kids start rocking the next big thing? Who knows, really, but for one weekend, fur coats, neon jackets, and unicorn onesies were all that mattered. Stay glittery, Buffs.

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