Your honest guide to surviving a snowy night out on The Hill

Never underestimate a good fracket

Spring semester is here, but there’s nothing ‘spring-y’ about it. Here’s how to brave The Hill even when it’s icy, unwelcoming and you’d rather stay in bed than trek (and I mean that, it’s a hike sometimes) to whatever is happening on The Hill on any given night.

Purchase a ‘fracket’

AKA a jacket, most easily purchased from Goodwill or another secondhand store, worn for the sole purpose of staying warm as you travel from frat to frat.

Learn how to hide said fracket

You don’t want to ruin your cute outfit with the jacket, as warm as it is. You’ll be burnin’ up if keep it on you, so find somewhere to stash it, and don’t forget to grab it on the way out.

Pregame the pregame

Walking to/around The Hill is way easier if you have a buzzed blanket already intact.

Split an Uber, but avoid the surge rates

Get a group together and wait until the time is right if your destination is out of walking distance or it’s a blizzard and you’ve got the guts to brave the weather in the hopes of finding a warm frat or house party to warm your tired soul.

Watch your step, and maybe skip the booties

It’s called The Hill for a reason, and if you’re headed closer to the foothills, the ice isn’t going to be your friend. Avoid a face plant and watch where you’re going. Maybe even hold a friend’s hand! That way, if you go down, she’ll go right down with you.

Layer up

Socks on socks on socks. Who cares if they make your feet sweat once you start dancing? At least they’ll be warm while you make your way back home. Furry vests are a must if it’s not too brutal and you have yet to purchase a fracket.

Skip the accessories

Scarves, gloves, earmuffs… they’re going to get A. lost, B. stolen or C. you get drunk and throw them in half melted slush outside 7/11 because you’re sick of having them on you. Avoid at all costs.

Exception: snow day parties, where beanies are a must.

End the night as you (probably) always have

Warm pizza from Boss Lady or a burrito from Illegal Pete’s is still a must. And if you’ve made it this far in your night out in a Boulder blizzard, you deserve it.

Bring along a beverage

Living in a sorority house, we have unlimited coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. No one, and I mean not a soul, will judge you if you choose to bring a hot drink along with you to keep your hands warm as you head to the pregame. But ditch it before any parties, otherwise it’s a bit suspicious, and registered parties won’t be cool with it.

Stay warm, Buffs!

University of Colorado Boulder