Insomnia is giving out free cookies on Monday

What’s better than free cookies on The Hill? Nothing

If you didn’t already hear, Insomnia Cookies has a new home on The Hill. Conveniently located next to Rush Bowls, you can indulge in some not-so-healthy, but so delicious cookies during any hour of the day.

And this Monday, if you purchase one cookie, you’ll get another for free!


Why this huge deal? It’s a celebration! Insomnia Cookies has officially opened 100 locations overflowing with warm cookies. 29 states are now blessed with their presence. Insomnia has come a long way since 2003 where they began in a dorm at the University of Pennsylvania.

The real question here: What kind of cookie should you get? That depends on how you’re feeling come Monday.

Chocolate: If the wind is extra-blustery as it’s been lately, and you’re on your third cup of coffee, pick up a chocolate cookie. Or, in this special case, treat yourself to two!

Double Chocolate Mint: Falling asleep in lecture? Mint stimulates the brain, so chow down on some of these before heading to Norlin.

M&M: If you still feeling like having some fun and wish the weekend weren’t over, get colorful with your cookie choice.

Oatmeal Raisin: If you’re feeling a little bit homesick, this comfort cookie will help to lessen the feeling.

Snickerdoodle: The air is getting cooler, and if you’re the kind of person who listens to Christmas music the second the leaves begin to change, don’t hesitate to pick up two of these classics.

Sugar: If you have your life together and actually made it to class on time, keep it simple and sweet with this sugary selection.


Insomnia is within walking distance for all of us Buffs, so I expect to see you all there on Monday!

University of Colorado Boulder