Cornell is the 14th best school in America, says new ranking

Big news for Big Red

In the latest US News and World Report rankings released today, September 12th, Cornell is 14th among all schools within the national rankings category. Not only is this figure quite impressive, but it is an increase from last year as US News pegged Cornell as tied for 15th with Rice in its previous evaluation.

While the array of intangibles that constitute the college experience cannot be assessed by statistical figures, US News hones in on a few key elements which allow its audience a glance at an institution’s relative quality. This is especially helpful for prospective students looking to find the best academic value for their money.

So, what does US News take into account that has Cornell pinned as the 14th best school in all of America? According to their 2018 methodology infographic, US News ranks its colleges with a 30 percent focus on retention/graduation rate, 20 percent on faculty resources, 10 percent on financial resources, 22.5 percent on expert opinions, 12.5 percent on student excellence and the remaining five percent upon alumni contribution, which they cite as “an indirect measure of an undergrad’s experience”.

However, the good news for Cornell doesn’t end at being ranked as the 14th best overall. US News also placed Cornell at 9th best at accepting students with Pell Grants, 15th best for innovation and 19th for best value. Alas, Cornell both provides its students with financial assistance and maintains its inventive standard, coalescing itself into the ultimate “bang for your buck” school.

It is no surprise that a school as aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating as Cornell is ranked as highly as it is. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that rankings are inherently subjective, especially with respect to the factors considered as well as the weights allotted to each factor. We all know that Cornell is truly #1 in our hearts, which of course is all that matters, but 14th in the country isn’t too bad either.