Everything you should not do as a new student at Cornell

Save yourself the embarrassment please

We all know how to spot a freshman from a mile away. They're way too enthusiastic about their activities, are probably doing something regrettable, and are just generally naive. We've all been there. Whether it's arriving at Nasties just after 2am or talking up how great Oakenshields is, the newest crop of Cornellians won't fail to disappoint.

Run to class

Your backpack bumps up and down. The TCAT was full and you didn't want to wait for the next one. You look foolish and you probably didn't actually need to do this awkward run-shuffle. Nothing drastic happens if you are a couple minutes late to lecture. People understand you are still finding your way around and that the Plant Science Building is indeed kind of far from other places.

Wait to do laundry until your Fall break

First of all, ew. Second of all, stop being lazy. Yes, you're busy, but not to that extent.

Wash everything together

If you decide to take the initiative to do laundry, stop and think. Will your lights change color if you put them in with those brand new jeans and that red Cornell t-shirt? Mom isn't here to keep you from making mistakes, but we've got your back.

Hang onto high school

It's time to let go. Whether it's a long term relationship or a reputation, these things are not meant to last. You have the chance for a clean slate and experimentation. Don't try too hard, be open to experiences, and we promise you'll be alright.

Misunderstand "all you care to eat" dining halls

This does equate to all you can eat. By all means, take advantage of the options. Eat until you are full and enjoy the food in the dining halls before it starts to feel old and repetitive. We are just saying that access to more Cornell Dairy ice cream than you can eat every day isn't the most conducive to a healthy college lifestyle.

Wear your lanyard around your neck

Number one easiest way to spot the new kids. Yes, you need to keep your keys and ID card on you, but there are much more discreet ways to go about this. The most common include pants pockets, stretchy bracelets, backpacks, and the free phone pockets that are given out during orientation. You can get as crafty as you like. Your dorm might even have some nifty little spaces to stow away keys, but you didn't hear it from us.

Set off the fire alarm

So you wanted a late night snack and you tried to use your handy dandy micro-fridge. Don't be the person who can't figure out how to microwave ramen and sends the whole dorm outside in their pajamas at 1am.

Walk everywhere in enormous crowds

Yes, you might feel cool being seen with all of the new acquaintances that surround you, but just don't do it. You probably won't find enough space for everyone to easily fit. You might as well have freshman tattooed across your forehead.

Give into capitalist America and spend all 500 BRBs in the first two months

You might be starting a coffee kick or really like build your own salads at Trillium. But it's just not worth it.

Buy books before classes start

From add/drop period to professors who change their minds, it's a good investment to hold off. The last thing you want is to spend a serious amount of cash on textbooks, just to find out you don't actually need them. Also, if you have some time before your first assignment, get them used or rented off of Amazon for a lot cheaper than the bookstore.

Forget to reach out

Students don't take advantage of office hours or the many organizations and tutor opportunities that exist. These are extremely beneficial in the first college classes you take. Find some friends who will support you, too. There are so many resources that you don't know exist until it's too late. If other situations arise, there will always be someone on campus to reach out to.