Jennifer Lawrence says what we’ve all known to be true about Harvard guys

‘I normally don’t like Harvard people…’

Jennifer Lawrence has graced the world with humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, when she's not busy working on her extensive list of film gigs. She has collaborated with the Special Olympics, donated to her local children's hospital, worked with the UN on poverty, and so much more. From fashion to common advice, J-Law has become an influential contemporary voice.

And her latest cause might be the most noble one yet: Jennifer Lawrence has said what we've all known but been too afraid to say.

"I normally don’t like Harvard people," she said in Vogue's September issue, "because they can't go two minutes without mentioning that they went to Harvard."

She was explaining how her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky is "not like that," which is a surprise turn for anyone who went to Harvard.

We would like to say thank you, Jen, for taking a stand against Harvard – and for letting the world know Cornell's not alone. Ever since Andy from the Office came into our lives, we haven't been able to live down the braggy and embarrassing stereotypes he has cast upon us. Sometimes it just gets a little too personal.

Indeed, Harvard students and alums fit this persona of bragging about a degree from a prestigious university more often than needed, but honestly why not flaunt what you've got? We're glad to hear Lawrence discuss how brilliant Aronofsky is; and in her relationship, she's "never confused with him."