Eight tweets that accurately depict a person of color’s reaction to the handling of Justine Damond’s murder

‘Wish #AllLivesMatter was this quiet when we were telling them that what’s happening for Damond is what should happen for every cop shooting’

Exactly one year and seven days following the murder of Philando Castile, the world learned of the murder of Justine Damond. Damond, an Australian yoga teacher, mother, and fiancée, called the police on the night of July 15, 2017 around 11:30 PM after she thought she heard a woman being sexually assaulted in a nearby alleyway.

Once the police arrived, Damond reportedly approached the police car, with its lights turned off. As Damond approaching the vehicle, Officer Mohamed Noor fired at Damond from the passenger seat, killing her in cold blood.

While Damond’s murder is yet another glaring example of police brutality, the reaction to her murder by the media and law enforcement alike does not parallel the reactions of past victims of police brutality that happened to be people of color. For example, Philando Castile was immediately victimized for having a registered gun on his person, even though he informed the officer of that. Wasn’t he just as innocent Damond? Castile was just like Damond, trying to have an innocent conversation when the police took it the wrong way.

Well, since the media is not portraying the stories in the same way, Black Twitter has quickly come to call the media out on their BS:


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