The Scoop on the Facebook Event About Joe Biden Eating Cornell Dairy Ice Cream

Could it become a reality?

A recently created Facebook event has been circulating around Cornell, following the announcement of Joe Biden as Cornell University’s Class of 2017 convocation speaker. It predicts that former Vice President Joe Biden won’t be able to resist the heavenly temptation of Cornell Dairy ice cream when he comes to speak. With over 2,000 Cornellians and friends already marked as attending or interested, the event has picked up a significant following. In the past week since the event was created, the rising numbers align with the increasing hopes of students.

One of the hosts of the event, alumnus Zach Praiss, 2016, gave us the inside scoop on the inception of the event.

“The idea arose from a deep admiration and appreciation for the former Vice President in tandem with a growing sense of excitement surrounding his upcoming speech at graduation. We wanted to show him that we, as a Cornell community, love him as much as he loves ice cream. And the only way we figured that’s possible, is to offer him the best ice cream in the Big Red world: from Cornell Dairy.”

When they launched the event on Tuesday night, Zach said they had little expectation for success. Since then, they have been blown away by the response. Still, Zach reiterated how the event remains purely comedic and unconfirmed. With growing support and potential backing from Cornell Dairy, however, the event could actually happen.

“We’d love to see Cornell Dairy join in the spirit of the event and consider making a flavor to honor the Vice President. I’m sure then he wouldn’t be able to resist!”

Cornell Dairy, it’s your move. For now, we can hope it’s a hot, sunny day when former VP Joe Biden sprinkles us with his insight at graduation on May 27.