Petition launched to keep the name of the Temple of Zeus as the Temple of Zeus

Over 400 people have signed it so far

First we take Hotelies and rename them the College of Business and now this?

Temple of Zeus is facing the threat of losing its name with talks of naming the dining hot spot after a new donor.

Students have called attention to this on begging for the cafe located in the center of Klarman Hall to not lose the name its held for so many years.

Petition writer Ara Hagopian writes:

“Temple of Zeus is at risk of losing its core identity. For over half a century, Zeus has lived in different spaces, with different employees, regulars and daily soups, but it has managed to keep consistent the banner through which its intimate nature is known throughout campus: its name. Zeus has been Zeus from its founding days as a place for faculty and students to meet on equal footing, and even in its relocation from its original home in Goldwin Smith to its new one in Klarman Hall, its name was kept Temple of Zeus. Temple of Zeus doesn’t belong to any one person, and has always been defined by the communal spirit it allows student workers, non-student workers, student, faculty and staff patrons and visitors to Cornell to share. It has always been open, always a neutral ground in neverending adherence to its roots. However it is now in the process of being renamed to honor a wealthy donor, which comes as a blow to the collective and egalitarian character that all of us who care about Zeus strive to uphold in our daily interactions with and within the Cafe. Temple of Zeus serves ‘Healthy food made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients’, and provides community to all. Adelson’s Cafe would serve ‘Healthy food made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients’, but would honor only one. Please sign our petition to keep the magic of Zeus alive by not changing its name.”

What do you think, would you still go if Zeus wasn’t Zeus?

Vote here.