Joe Biden is coming to Cornell for the 2017 Convocation

We are the luckiest Ivy by far

Our immediate past Vice President of the United States will be addressing Cornell’s Class of 2017.

This is no drill, the Joe Biden is going to be in Ithaca on May 27. As a well respected American figure and silver-haired daddy, it is no surprise he was chosen.

Perhaps the former VP heard how amazing the Cornell Dairy Bar is, considering his ice cream obsession is no secret.

Maybe he just wanted a brief escape from his adoring students at UPenn, where he is now a professor.

Since the convocation committee decided on and convinced Biden to speak at Cornell, the news has sparked an immediate and enormous amount of positive feedback from the Cornell community.

In recent years, politician and alumna Gabby Giffords, as well as actors James Franco and Ed Helms have all spoken at convocation.

Joe Biden is perhaps one of the highest profile speakers joining our university in a while and we cannot wait.