Newt Gingrich was buying fishbowls in Level B last week

Why aren’t more people talking about it

We have just received press clearance to share the pictures and details from Newt Gingrich’s night out.

It occurred after he delivered his talk on “America’s Role in the World Under President Trump,” in Call Auditorium on Wednesday, March 22. The event was hosted by the Cornell University College Republicans. Gingrich shared his perspective on running  a presidential campaign and on what what it’s like to be speaker of the House. Criticizers and supporters alike left the event with a fairly positive atmosphere, unlike some previous intolerances that the student body has had for speakers in the past.

Of the nearly 600 people in the audience, many left the academic atmosphere of the speech to let off some steam at Level B. This bar in collegetown is known for its Wednesday nightlife, where sugary sweet drinks are served to groups in $18 gallon fishbowls with handfuls of straws plunked in. This pasttime must have caught the interest of Gingrich, as he was seen popping, locking, and hitting the floor just hours after addressing the Cornell student body. He was even seen clutching a bright blue fishbowl with a toy tiger in it, while booty shaking on the elevated surface in the middle of the club.

A member of Cornell College Republicans, Flora Piol told The Tab: “He was buying everyone fishbowls, shouting for the DJ to play Pitbull. We last saw him pounding Jägers with some bros from Delta Chi talking about how he could take Sean Spicer in a fight.”

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