A comprehensive list of Cornell’s best drunk food

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Heading out tonight? You’ll need our guide to Cornell’s best drunk food – you can thank us later, when you’ve got a mouth full of CTB.


A classic freshman delight that students of all ages beyond North Campus crave. Bear necessities sampler, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, calzones, and french fries are staples in all freshmen diets after 1 am. Its prime location being so close to freshman dorms makes it a plus for anyone on north campus; however, students of all ages still make the trek for Nasties. Walking in to RPCC, the stench of nasties is one everyone knows.


Location location location. Luna is located inside of a Loco. It doesn’t get better than running from the bar to the counter at Luna and never having to leave the establishment. Highlights: bacon mac and cheese, pizza, quesadillas, and tacos.


CTB, mecca. Home. A prime location on the intersection of Collegetown and Cornell Campus that’s lively and popping until at least 3am. From pastry to pizza bagel, CTB will have anything and everything (probably a little too much) to meet your drunk eat needs.


Digging some pizza in the valley ? Check out @tavern1757 #pizza #ctpizza

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CTP another Collegetown classic. For a drunk eater that wants to grab a slice of pizza, something quick and easy. I recommend the pasta pizza. Carbs on carbs. Enough said.

Calio’s Calzone King

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For the heavy drunk eater that probably lives above Starbucks and only goes for convenience. But with a name like King in the name, you know you will be feasting.


For the lazy drunk: A classic if you’re too lazy to leave your dorm room and want a super late night quick snack.


The food truck at the bottom of Balch. For the ultimate quick and easy grab and go for greasy food.


Let’s be honest, we have all gone into frat kitchens and eaten random food. Whether it’s last night’s pasta, a homemade sandwich, or cereal, there is something for everyone. Plus, it’s super convenient because you can grab a quick bite and then get right back on the dance floor.