How you know when Cornell has become your second home

‘Let’s go home’ now means North Campus

Now as I approach my third month in college, Cornell has somehow transformed from a college to a new home.

I’m not exactly sure how this transition occurred, but nevertheless, it did.

Along the way, my dorm room became my room, and when I said let’s go home, I started referring to North Campus. Here’s how.


Part of being home is knowing where to eat

I now know where the best places to get lunch on central are, Macs, Terrace, and Trill. I also know what times to go to each respective places to avoid rush periods.


And knowing where to eat out

It took a little while to know what exactly to order at CTB, but it took me even longer to try out Plum Tree, CTP, Aladdin, and Souv.


You know where to study

You know where the best library is for your specific needs. When I need to do group work a study room in Uris is perfect, and when I need to do quite work, the bottom of Catherwood or the Asian Studies room in Uris.

Knowing where get your groceries

Besides ordering snacks on Amazon, Wegmans and Green Star Market are the places to get real food beyond what Nasties provides.