Cornell ranked worst party school in Ivy League

There must be some mistake

Cornell, an institution recognized for its students’ work hard/play hard mentality has recently been ranked as the joint worst schools for partying in the Ivy League.

The Niche College rankings, organized by the Department of Education, provides statistics and other various information to grant prospective students a greater intel into university life.

Students from each Ivy League institution were asked to rank “party scene” on a scale of one to five. Student surveys, access to bars, athletics and Greek life all come into play. The rankings go as follows:

Niche rankings on party scene

1st UPenn: 3.9
2nd Yale: 3.7
3rd Columbia: 3.6
4th Brown: 3.5
4th Dartmouth: 3.5
6th Cornell: 3.4
6th Harvard: 3.4
6th Princeton: 3.4

With Cornell tied for last, we know there must be some sort of mistake with these rankings. I mean, really, tied with Harvard?! Cornell’s prominence of Greek life and supplement of Collegetown make it impossible to not have something to do on the weekends. Let’s not forget late night Nasties post-partying where you can be sure to find all of your friends after a night of dancing, having fun and temporarily forgetting about the two prelims and essay you have this week.

These rankings are clearly unrepresentative of Cornell’s true nature, that is, an excellent academic institution and a fun place to socialize. At Cornell, you will be sure to find extremely intelligent individuals who love to party as an outlet for their hardworking mentality. Regardless of the rankings, however, Cornell students know what a fabulous place it truly is. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate Cornell is misrepresented in this way.