Every reason why Westchester is the Bestchester

It’s the greatest county on earth

“So where are you from?” is the question that indefinitely follows every encounter with an unfamiliar person. Before replying with “Westchester”, you know your response will be met with a scoff; a response that closely resembles, “Of course you’re from Westchester. Everyone here is from Westchester.”

While much of the Cornell student body does happen to descend from Westchester, we should not overlook the distinguishing features that make Westchester the amazing place it is – the place I am proud to call home. Here’s why.

Every single town has the best sandwiches in town

By transitive property, then, every single town contains an amazing deli.

To name a few:

Ardsley: Stars Bagels

Tarrytown: Wedged In

Irvington: Geordanes

Dobbs Ferry: Scaperrottas Deli

Scarsdale: Lange’s

Of course there are more, but these delis are particularly near and dear to my Irvingtonian heart, which is right near the river towns by the Tappan Zee Bridge.

There’s always a party to attend

Whether you’re driving by the reservoir, strolling in the woods late at night or driving by a house on the weekends – you will find kids drinking. Every town has their own spot in the woods where kids augment their alcohol tolerance, and, consequently, can party harder than anyone they come across. You can’t keep up with the Westchester kids. Just don’t even try.

The Westchester Mall is the best mall out there

Besides the fact that the Palisades Mall was completely out of the way as it was over the bridge and that you didn’t want to get stabbed at the Galleria, the Westchester Mall was the place to shop. Loaded with pretzel bites that do make you salivate, clothes that you would kill to have and that store filled with really comfy couches that you sometimes go into just to sit on, the Westchester is one of the best places in Westchester – no question. In fact, my friend from Miami visited the Westchester mall over fall break and fell in love with it.

You’ve been to a bar or bat mitzvah at least once in your life

Honestly, these are the most underrated parties out there. It’s why we non-Jews look forward to the 7th grade. “Sexy and I Know It”, chicken fingers and awkward snowball dances, I mean, what’s not to love?!

When in doubt, go to Starbucks

Are you ever really bored, just got your driver’s license, and not sure where to go? Fear not, there is a Starbucks in almost every town. Whether it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte szn or you’re feelin’ a caramel macchiato, Starbucks is there for you. You’ll find yourself there before school, on free periods, after school, and multiple times a day. Don’t question it. You’ve got to get through ACT szn somehow.

We’ve got the greatest places to work out

Whether you’re a member of the “soul” tribe, attend NYSC in Dobbs or enjoy hot yoga, Westchester is the place to work out. You can’t get out of shape at home because you’ll be guilted by watching all of the fit Westchester moms waltzing around in their Lulu workout leggings and Starbucks in hand. If they can do it, you can too!

Proximity to NYC

Enough said. If you wanted to go to a Yankee game, Rangers game or have a city night with your friends you hit up the Metro North Train Station. After prom, a friend’s birthday, whatever the occasion, the train station was just a convenient two minute drive away and so was NYC. Also, pregames on the train. For everything.

Wherever life takes you, Westchester will always be your home

Though I am currently a freshman enrolled in the ILR School at Cornell University, Westchester will always be my home and I will always look forward to breaks filled with all of my favorite things.