The best dining at Cornell is obviously in North Campus

Where else would you go for Sunday brunch?

There is no debate that Cornell has the best food out of any college in America. It was even ranked as 6th in the country. So where’s the best dining on campus? North Campus.

Every student who has lived on North Campus has an opinion on which dining hall is better, Appel or RPCC, but everyone can agree that Nasties is the best.


Sunday brunch

What’s better then rolling out of bed after a long night and having a custom omelette and pancake station? You don’t have to worry about breakfast ending at 10:30, so you can sleep in and still enjoy a nice brunch with all your friends. Plus Sunday brunch at RPCC is the only place on campus that I have found dim sum. Every upperclassman always talks about how much they miss Sunday brunch which only confirms the fact that North has the best food.


RPCC’s salad bar

RPCC’s salad bar is loaded with everything you could possibly imagine (besides avocado). And if you don’t want a salad, they have quinoa and grains pre made and mixed together that never fail to disappoint.


Nasties uses BRBs, but is the ultimate place to go to for a 1am greasy fix. From calzones to milkshakes you can get whatever you want there. Nasties is a staple in any freshman’s life. It’s open until 2 am and puts the 15 in freshmen 15.


Nastie’s Market Place

Inside Nasties there is a small grocery store which is perfect for snacking in your dorm. They have anything from cereal to Cornell’s very own ice cream.

Stir fry station

Not only does RPCC have custom omelettes and pancakes, but they also have custom stir fry that they make in front of you. What’s better then choosing exactly what you want? It’s like having your own personal chef.


Turkey burgers and grilled chicken

Need I say more? The turkey burgers are to die for and Appel always has a steady stream of grilled chicken on hand.

It doesn’t matter how old you get, you will always crave and miss RPCC, Appel, and Nasties. It’s the most convenient dining and the best on campus.