$5,000 will get you this absolutely disgusting dorm at Columbia

The cockroaches are free

Finding an apartment in New York City during the summer is not an easy feat. This spring I found myself chosing between shared apartments in Morningside Heights or the convenience of Columbia Summer Housing for the month I have to stay in the city for internships. A single room during one period of the summer session at the university costs 1900$ (not including the application fee and housing for interim periods). So if you are staying in Columbia Summer Housing from the last day of school until the beginning of fall you will be paying 5460$.The two popular buildings available for summer housing are Schapiro and Broadway Hall. This is what you get for that price at Schapiro:




This is supposed to be a shower head


An April housing review from BWOG states that Schapiro Hall “with an almost flawless location and unique amenities, Schapiro deserves consideration from all Columbia Students.”

Moving into my summer dorm it came to my attention that the conditions of Schapiro Hall are less than ideal and its amenities are definitely unique but not in a good way: the floor carpets smell fowl, the kitchens are dirty and are frequently visited by mice and cockroaches, the bathrooms are falling apart and the laundry room machines are mostly out of service.

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