An Ivy League memelord explains why Harvard was right to rescind those freshmen offers

This comes after 10 incoming Harvard freshmen got kicked out for posting racist memes

Harvard made headlines when 10 incoming freshmen had their offers rescinded for posting racist memes in a group chat. Yesterday the memes themselves emerged – a hellscape of pedophilia, suicide and Holocaust jokes. Now a prominent member of the Ivy League meme community, Rafael Ortiz, has spoken out against the offending students for “disparaging minority communities.”

In an exclusive statement to The Tab, Columbia student Rafael said:

“Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. Harvard University is revoking the admission of students who make jokes that disparage minority communities from the Class of 2021. These teens intentionally created a group chat where they joked about minorities, rape, and the holocaust. This was not funny. This was not satire. This violated our collective standards of decency. People can say whatever they want to, whenever they want to. Their right to their ‘humor’ was not violated. Their speech is not being suppressed. Perhaps for the first time in their lives though, they are being held accountable for their actions.

“Considering Harvard’s decision to not release the names of these students, and the sheltered social upbringing that typically leads to people who make these types of jokes, Columbia might suddenly announce that it received a new library and ten new students for the class of 2022. If past decisions are examples of how this school would have dealt with that, they would fare no worse than our sports teams after a similar scandal. After all, when the wrestling team here made disparaging jokes about black women and the (mostly white team) used the n-word in their group chats, the administration censured the teammates from playing for the rest of the academic year- a relative slap on the wrist. Harvard, on the other hand, is setting a precedence of decency at a time where we too often see the tragic consequences of letting unbridled hate run rampant.”

If you would like to make the case against Harvard, send your pitch to

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