Everything that happened at Columbia’s #OccupyDodge protest

We liveblogged every moment

Last week, Bwog released leaked screenshots from the Class of 2017 Wrestling team’s GroupMe.

They included racial, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs as well as joking about sexual assault and denigrating female students.

In the wake of widespread backlash against the team – and a petition demanding their expulsion –  students are now occupying Dodge Hall to demand the university take action.

Welcome to The Tab Columbia’s live blog of the occupation.

8:45 – Students have entered dodge and the silent protest has begun

8:49 – Columbia students line the walls of the inside of the entrance to Dodge. More students keep arriving.


8:54 – Everyone still silent. Roughly 70 students present.

8:55 – Someone walked by and loudly said, “Got to love those wrestling bros.”

9:05 – More students have come, roughly 85 now. Students who pass are mostly silent, reading the signs and some filming.



9:14 – 100 students or more in solidarity. Use hashtag #occupydodge to show support.

9:24 – 150 students now lining multiple walls on both sides of the entry way. Students keep coming. It’s been nearly 45 minutes so far in silence. Some students have begun sitting down.


9:34 – The wrestling team walked by past all the signs. They’re the only group to walk by and continue to speak loudly since this has started.

9:40 – A few students left but the large majority remain.




9:42 – Wrestlers walk by again. Again are the only ones to talk loudly past the silent protest. We will be moving to Low at 10:00.

9:56 – After an hour and 15 minutes, we are moving the protest to Low. Feel free to come join us there!

10:12 – The protest has gathered outside Low, and speakers have begun.


“We want to send a clear message to Columbia athletics,” one said.


The demonstration has now ended and people are heading home.

Tab out.

Columbia University