‘Point and laugh at Trump Tower’ Facebook events are popping up worldwide

Middle-finger optional

In anticipation of a Clinton victory, thousands of people have said they will “attend” the event of pointing and laughing at Trump Towers around the world.

Some 54,000 people said they are “interested” or “going” to the event in New York City alone, but there are other popular events happening from Chicago to Dubai to DC.


The event creator, Jon Bershad of the Upright Citizens Brigade, says he originally only invited roughly 45 people. He acknowledges that the event is “obviously juvenile” but also says he’ll be glad to see “when the last districts come in and [Trump]’s forced to realize that his name is forever synonymous with loser.”

The event is planned officially to take place on November 9th, the day after the election, but a one-time event may not be satisfactory. This gesture is acceptable on any date in the future following Trump’s loss for putting the country through this madness.

It is also of course up to the “attendee” which finger they choose to point with. I suggest middle.

Columbia University