Rape culture denier Christina Hoff Sommers to speak at Columbia

She says the rape culture movement is a ‘witch hunt’

Christina Hoff Sommers, an academic famous for denying rape culture, will speak at Columbia this Thursday November 1st.

In an event called Victims, Victims, Everywhere, she plans to discuss trigger warnings, safe spaces, and how “a crippling mentality of victimhood” is encouraged on college campuses.

Sommers is the author of Who Stole Feminism and The War Against Boys, a former professor, and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute – and she’s widely-known as a critic of “modern feminism.”

She describes herself as a self-proclaimed feminist yet many of her critics would say she is an “anti-feminist.” She defines her form of feminism as “equity feminism” which she contrasts with “victim feminism” and “gender feminism.”

In an interview with Scott London, she defined equity feminism as “the classical feminism that got us the suffrage, that got us equity in education, that continues to get us equality of opportunity. That is the feminism I believe in.”

Sommers claims modern feminists have an inability to accept that the sexes are “equal but different” which has an eerily similar ring to the ideas of “separate but equal.”

She runs a YouTube channel called Factual Feminist – here’s one of her videos in which she discusses how “rape culture” on campuses has created false victimhood of young women and compares it to the satanic cult child abuse paranoia of the 80s.

To learn more about this event, check out the event page.

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