Milo Yiannopoulos is considering a ‘Mattress Girl’ outfit for Columbia talk

We spoke to him ahead of his event next month

Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial right-wing pundit, is coming to speak at Columbia next month as part of a US college tour.

He’s famous for saying offensive comments about women, Muslims, Black people, and really just everyone who’s not a cis, white male.

Some of his most famous quotes include: “Feminism is cancer” and “Why are we surprised that Muslims are blowing things up? That’s what they do.”

He’s also been permanently suspended from Twitter for sparking what became a harassment campaign against Leslie Jones.

A recent poll we conducted showed nearly 60 percent of Columbia students didn’t want him to speak on November 16th.

So we asked him a few questions about his upcoming appearance: be advised, some of his answers are pretty awful and could be considered triggering and offensive to certain readers.

Headshot of Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial British pundit

Milo Yiannopoulos

What are you going to talk about?

Every show on the Dangerous Faggot Tour is completely fresh material on a new topic. Of course, the horrors of Title IX and the treatment of the mattress girl case is the ideal topic, but the real answer is: “who knows!” This speech will be shortly after the election, so there may be a topic of overriding importance.

We heard you’re coming dressed as the ‘Carry That Weight‘ art project – is that correct?

Nothing is for certain, but it is an idea I’ve been considering. I’ve already done a speech in full drag, and the Mattress Girl outfit would just be slightly more garish, right? Regardless of whether or not I dress like her, I feel a special kinship with Mattress Girl. How often do you run into another person that has texted a foreigner: “Fuck me in the butt”?

What do you think the problem at Columbia is with Title IX investigations?

This isn’t a Columbia problem, it is a nationwide problem in which men suffer through a draconian mockery of justice at the hands of kangaroo courts that can damage their lives and careers permanently. It just so happens one of the high profile injustices that brought this situation to the American consciousness occurred at Columbia.

In a Tab poll, 60 percent of Columbia students said they didn’t want you to speak. What are your thoughts on that?

Only 60 percent? Columbia’s conditioning of its students is failing at an alarming rate! The fact is, at every school I’ve spoken at so far, I have begun to have liberals show up to say “I disagree with you, I think you are wrong, but I am glad you are here speaking.” This mindset among students that speech they find challenging, controversial or upsetting should not occur on campus is the single greatest problem facing higher education today.

If you could say one thing to Columbia students, what would it be?

Welcome speech you don’t agree with to campus with open arms. Embrace controversy, learn how to handle disagreements, and broaden your mind. If the idea of a stunningly handsome man bringing a message of free speech, meritocracy and reality makes you so upset that you can’t function, you don’t belong at Columbia, you belong in a mental hospital.

Milo is coming to speak on November 16th – details are here.

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