Scores of CMU students gather to protest Trump’s win

‘I choose love’

Trump’s surprising win in the 2016 election made for a weary night with few, if any, hours of sleep. Despite the lack of rest, CMU students took to the streets to protest Trump’s victory.

They started on campus, marched through downtown Pittsburgh, then ended back on campus, striding across the Cut before making a final stand at the Fence.

The protests were organized by School of Drama and Junior Aubyn heglie, and Junior, Aleyse Shannon helped lead the chants.

As they marched, protesters shouted, “I choose love! I will not hate!”

As the protest broke up, students hugged and cried, offering comfort and support to each other.¬†The demonstration was a stand against Trump’s hatred and intolerance, as well as a stand for those who will be affected by his views and the actions he plans to take as president. Overall, the students stood for love and solidarity in the face of hatred and division.

We could not be more proud to be at CMU right now

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