If you’re Catholic and conservative, Trump is not your guy

He may be the Republican nominee, but he’s not the conservative one

I was born in New York City, famed for its open-arms approach to minority communities and liberal values. I also have family upstate, where the population of elephants dominate that of donkeys. My grandmother and assorted aunts attended Mass every Sunday and still can’t understand why I wasn’t baptized.

This election year, as much as Trump bears the Republican banner, he is not the safe choice. Coming from a conservative Catholic family, I can see that Donald Trump is not the representative conservatives and Catholics need in the Oval Office. His 2005 remarks and warmongering comments don’t match pragmatic conservative views, or loving Catholic values. 

The safe choice is not someone with a history of cheating workers and students. The safe choice is not someone with rape accusations. Above all, the safe choice isn’t someone who not only doesn’t have hands big enough to hold his arrogance.

Contrary to the current line of attack from both parties, the physical attributes of our next president does not matter. It doesn’t matter that he’s a tad orange, or that she lacks Obama’s charisma. What does matter are the things coming out of their mouth: not paying taxes “makes me smart” versus calling on Americans to “pay their fair share.” How does that match Christian values? How is that treating someone else as you’d want to be treated?

What does matter are their values: Trump has proved to swing back and forth on critical issues like our dealings in the Middle East, while Hillary remains acutely conscious of her prior experiences as Secretary of State.

Trump sees a dangerous world, one where inner cities are hotbeds of corruption and crime, and malicious illegals pour over national boundaries in droves. Hillary recognizes that there is potential in urban growth and immigrant populations. He sees the problems in people, she sees the potential.

Though Trump speaks to the fear of outsiders and change that perhaps we all possess inside, Hillary’s the one we have to turn to for stability. She has concrete policy proposals to ensure that immigrant families aren’t faced with long years apart and difficult decisions. She wants to decrease national debt. She plans to balance American interests abroad, especially in Syria.

Trump has nothing but walls and his finger nuke buttons.

Carnegie Mellon University