Clemson is beautiful this week and we officially give up trying to get anything done

We’re useless until post-spring break

Spring break seems to have started a little early in Clemson this week and no one is mad about it. Today it was 73 degrees, tomorrow it will be 76 degrees, and Saturday gives us a beautiful 77 degrees for Ain’t Patty’s Day. With that in mind, this is a formal announcement that because of the mesmerizing weather, classes will not be well attended or cared about until (roughly) after spring break.

The sun is out, essentially every apartment complex has a pool, and people have just bought new swimsuits for spring break. What does all this mean? A recipe for disaster for classes, and non-stop sunbathing for students.

It’s impossible to focus once Clemson gets this way, it’s really not our fault. Being inside on days like this is painful physically, emotionally, and mentally. Teachers need to acknowledge our serious need for Vitamin D and more importantly, the health risks of a Vitamin D deficiency.

Come hangout by the pool today! #lovewhereyoulive

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Being Vitamin D deficient can put you at risk for diseases such as dementia, schizophrenia, heart disease, and cancer. Not so silly to skip class for the pool now is it, professor?

For students who do attend all their classes or must go to work on these precious days, kudos to you because we know you’ll just be staring out the window the whole time thinking about your friends who are having a Grilled Cheezus on Backstreets’ outside porch or taking a boat ride on Lake Hartwell.

For everyone struggling with papers and tests this week, we apologize for tempting you to drop out of school and camp out at a pool for the rest of your years, but we’re also not condemning that as a terrible life choice. You only college once, so here’s to Clemson for allowing us to be a little less pasty on the beaches for spring break in a week and a half.


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