Clemson welcomes Class of 2021: We asked them how they reacted to receiving their acceptance letters

‘The only thing I had been waiting on was that iconic letter with the tiger paws on it.’

February is a suspenseful month for future tigers. Last week, admission letters were sent out to welcome the Class of 2021 to Clemson University and many new students became “Tigertown Bound.” Seeing the big, white envelope in the mail and knowing they are going to college lifts a huge weight off a high school senior’s shoulders. So we asked them, “How did you react when you received your acceptance letter?”

Lizzy Anderson, 18, Packaging Science, Easley High School, Easley, SC

“I think I honestly scared my mailman because having such a big weight lifted off of my shoulders made me cry, like the ugly I-can’t-even-explain-my-happiness kind of cry. The only thing I had been waiting on was that iconic letter with the tiger paws on it.

Clemson was the only school I applied to because I knew it was my dream. Being a tiger in my family isn’t just carrying on a four generation tradition, it’s about getting to share a connection with people who have been so lucky to go to this magical place. Now I really get to say ‘I am a Clemson Tiger!'”

Katie Wallace, 18, Engineering, Riverton High School, Riverton, Utah

“When I first saw my acceptance letter I was filled with relief and excitement, I couldn’t believe I had actually been accepted to my dream school and I couldn’t help but cry.

I’m most excited to be a part of the Clemson family and community. I found out only a couple days ago that I was accepted and I’ve already had so many people reach out to me through social media.”

Jacob Phillips, 18, Sport Communications, Dutch Fork High School, Irmo, SC

“Seeing the letter was one of the best feelings ever! It was a huge relief and something I’ve been waiting on for almost all my life. I was born and raised loving Clemson; I’ve watched them play football since I could understand it so wanting to go to school there was just second nature.”

Audrey Hartis, 18, Biological Sciences, Northwestern High School, Rock Hill, SC

“I came home from soccer practice and saw purple and orange balloons on my mailbox. My stomach dropped because I knew the Clemson decision letter had arrived. I ran inside to find my acceptance letter on the counter. I felt a moment of relief. I had been waiting anxiously for months, worried about what the next four years would bring, and finally after seeing that letter I could feel excited about my future.”

Natalie Weaver, 17, Graphic Communications, River Bluff High School, Lexington, SC

“All my friends had already received their letter days before so I was very anxious. My dad came in the door and said the mail had come. I saw the letter and started crying and hugging my mom. All my hard work has finally paid off.”

Preston Miller, 17, Health Science, Landrum High School, Boiling Springs, SC

“It was an amazing feeling when I got my acceptance letter! I had been waiting on that moment forever so when it finally arrived I was really ecstatic!

I chose Clemson because it was my dream school. I love the school and I’ve grown up a Clemson fan so as soon as I went on my first visit, it felt like a second home.”

Bailey Gibbs, 18, Agricultural Science, Laurens District 55 High School,  Laurens, SC

“I was overjoyed when I first saw the letter. My first reaction was grabbing it and jumping up and down saying ‘I did it!’ Clemson has been my dream school since I was a little girl. Some of my family went to Clemson and I want to continue their legacy.”

Gabi Hamilton, 17, Biology, Spring Hill High School, Chapin, SC

“When I first got my acceptance I was really excited, Clemson was my number one choice and so I was relieved when I finally got accepted.”

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