A Clemson Athletic Director has been found dead after a two day search

He had worked at Clemson for 40 years

A Clemson athletic director, Bert Henderson, has been found dead in a wooded area a mile away from his property.

On Monday the associate athletic director of planned giving at Clemson was reported missing.

Henderson did not come to work on Monday morning, and after trying to reach him by phone, members of the IPTAY staff contacted a family friend. When Henderson’s whereabouts could not be located, law enforcement officials were notified.

Over 100 people and eight search and rescue teams were put in place to search for Henderson, including K-9’s, horses, and a helicopter. The teams began an overnight search for Henderson and contacted a majority of residencies within a 2-mile radius of his home. The search began at Henderson’s home in Easley, SC about 20 minutes from Clemson’s campus.

On Tuesday afternoon, the body of Bert Henderson was discovered in a wooded area a mile from his property. There is no word on how long he has been out there of if there was any trauma noticed on his body at the time.

Henderson began his career at Clemson University in 1978, when he joined the staff as an athletic trainer. Later on in his career, he moved onto working with the administrative staff in the office of planned giving.

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