A die-hard Tigers fan has created a GoFundMe page to raise money for a statue of Deshaun Watson

He wants to raise $20,000

In light of all the excitement surrounding the National Championship, Clemson University student, Sean Casey has gone above and beyond striving to recognize a football player many people would call, “the greatest quarterback in the country,” Deshaun Watson.

The Tigers fan created a GoFundMe account in late January to build a statue on Clemson University’s campus in front of Memorial Stadium (Death Valley) honoring Watson for his exquisite playing ability that ultimately led the Tigers to clinch the 2016 Football National Championship Trophy.

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In just his three years at Clemson, Watson was a finalist for the Heisman trophy twice, threw over 10,000 yards, and scored over 150 points.

Speaking to The Tab Sean said:

“I made it because Deshaun Watson is, in my mind, the best player in Clemson history and delivered us a national championship.

“For that reason he should absolutely be honored with a statue outside of the real Death Valley.”

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On the GoFundMe page Casey put the account biography as, “Deshaun Watson is probably the greatest player in Clemson history and deserves to have a statue outside of Death Valley” urging students to donate.

The GoFundMe page has a goal of $20,000; however, only $10 of this goal has been accomplished by two donors.

Even if the GoFundMe account does not succeed, there is no doubt in any student’s mind that Deshaun Watson will go down as one of the best Clemson Quarterbacks in history.

Here is the link for anyone willing to make a donation.

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