Nazanin Zinouri, the Iranian Clemson PhD stuck in Iran, is back in the USA

Sweet justice

Today,  Nazanin Zinouri boarded a flight and returned to the United States before the 90 day travel ban was over.

Zinouri was able to fly from Tehran, Iran to Frankfurt, Germany to Boston, and will continue her travel home on Monday to Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

Along with her state senators, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Tim Scott, federal judges have stood up to the executive order that denied legal residents and visa holders entry to the United States.

Because of their efforts and care for the situation, many people, including Nazanin Zinouri, are finally being brought home.

As happy as her co-workers, community, and country will be to have her back, it seems like no one will be as excited as Dexter, her dog left behind in Clemson.

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