Why we all should hate the Spring Semester

It’s literally the worst

Christmas break is over, and now it is time to return to God’s Country for one last “Hoorah” for the 2016-2017 school year. With a new semester comes new worries, new stress, and new payments. Here are a few reason why the Spring Semester is the worst.

New classes, new stress

Although you just got used to your awesome Fall semester, we all must go through the unbearable acceptance of starting a new school year. A new semester brings new classes, new test, new expensive textbooks you’re never going to use, new professors, and most importantly, a new schedule that ruins your Thursday night social life.

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Just when you survive the dreaded winter colds, the spring hits you with those terrible pollen sneezes. Go buy your Zyrtec and accept that there will be no wearing make-up on your sore, stuffy nose. If you do, your tissue will be wearing most of it.

Spring break nightmares

On top of having to buy all the Natty Clemson gear, you actually realize you cannot afford the Spring Break you have been dreaming of since last August. The dream of sun-bathing in the Bahama’s with a piña colada in your hand is going to have to be exchanged for laying on the uncomfortable sand of Myrtle Beach with a Busch light.

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“Sunny & 75”

Just face it, when the weather is over 70 degrees all we want to do is go outside, grab a lemonade, and listen to pop music on repeat. Class is the last place on earth we want to be. Unless professors come up with catchy rap songs for my classes and pool days for field trips, chances are we will not be able to retain any information from lectures.

Summer body stress

The last thing we want to do is give up cookie-dough cupcakes from Clemson Confectionaries or Tokyo sushi, but all good things must come to an end when trying to get that summer body. Not only does a summer body require eating healthy and working out, but it requires shaving your legs, too. Ugh.

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The fall finale

When you think your spring semester cannot get any worse, you realize that you finished your favorite TV show series on Netflix last semester. So, on top of having the stress to do semi-good in school, you have the stress of trying to find a new TV show that will serve as your comfort source as you procrastinate your studies.

A break from football

Just when the football hype is at its highest, we are forced to take a break from fighting over tickets, sneaking onto the hill, and eating overpriced hot dogs. Although this Clemson football season may be over with, this past National Championship win will live on for the whole year and more years to come.

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Seniors spring forward

For college seniors, the spring semester is the semester they have dreaded for their entire college career. Graduation applications have to be submitted, student loan payments will soon be due, and job hunting is a requirement. Fortunately, you’re about to have one of the greatest degrees in the entire country from Clemson University, congratulations.

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