Why 2016 wasn’t the car crash everyone said it was

It wasn’t all bad

Many say that 2016 has been the worst year ever, but, I’m sure Leonardo DiCaprio would beg to differ. This year was the year of the Red Fire Monkey, and the US kicked-butt in the Olympics. No matter how good or bad 2016 was for you, it perhaps wasn’t the worst year in the world.

Mutilating the measles

After a two-decade-long vaccination effort, both North and South America are completely measles-free! This is the first time the disease has been eliminated from an entire world region! Go ‘Merica! Fortunately for our future newborns this is one last painful vaccination they’ll have to endure.

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Turns out Shakespeare’s skull is missing

Using a ground-penetrating scanner, archeologist have concluded that Shakespeare’s skull is indeed missing. Looks like the 18th century was just as bad as the 21st century when it comes to intriguing crimes. Shout out to those robbers for pulling off the ultimate grave steal.

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Home for the holidays

US astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko return to Earth after 340 days on the International Space Station. This is the longest ISS mission in history. I can hardly imagine being away from Clemson for a month so 340 days would probably kill me (especially since I would miss Clemson football.)

Monday Fun-day

In 2016, 04/04/16, 06/06/16, 08/08/16,  10/10/16, and 12/12/16 all fell on a Monday. Coincidence? maybe. Cool? definitely!

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Out with the old

This past April the decision was made that famous slave abolitionist Harriet Tubman will be replacing slave holder Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. This a huge honor for women everywhere, and Tubman would truly be thankful. #girlpower

Remember this going into 2017. We can do this. #qotd #inspiration #harriettubman #2016 #2017

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“Go Tigs”

For the first time in over a century global tiger numbers have significantly improved. As of today 3,890 tigers are alive compared to 3,200 in 2010. So glad more people are recognizing the importance of tigers besides us in Clemson.

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One Religion, 1,000 years

After 1,000 years, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church and Patriarch Kirill of the Eastern Orthodox Church met with open arms. This was the largest encounter between Christianity’s two largest churches since 1054. Definitely a major event this divided world needed to see!

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