We asked Tiger fans at the Blood Bowl what they’d do to win Saturday

Anything, literally anything

This week Clemson students have been doing the most to beat the Carolina Shamecocks for the annual Blood Bowl. While some of the donators were waiting in line patiently to donate, we asked them an important question: What is one thing you would do, or give up, to watch Clemson beat USC in the Blood Bowl and on the field?

These were your answers:

Emily Kuhn, Junior, Management major


“I would give up cookout.”

Kate Czerkawski, Junior, L&IH


“I would streak Bowman”

Tyler Pagliarini, Senior, Graphic Communication


“I hate blood so me donating blood is a big deal.”

Savannah Bowyer, Senior, Biological Sciences


“I would eat a whole gamecock.” (Savage)

Jaymie Danford, Junior, Animal and Vet Sciences


“I wouldn’t make my bed for a week and I am extremely OCD.”

John Ryan, Junior, Animal and Veterinary Sciences


“I’d give up my First born child.”

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