Clemson and USC are going head to head in the annual Blood Bowl

We are out for blood

One of the largest student run events is coming to campus for the 31st time, in two weeks. The Clemson vs. USC annual Blood Bowl will be November 14-18 and we have GOT to win.

The Clemson vs. USC Blood bowl is the largest collegiate blood drive in the U.S.

This blood bowl has been an annual event for the past 31 years during which USC and Clemson compete to see which schools can raise the most blood donations in one week.


Currently we are losing 14-17 and we can do better. Since when do we lose to USC? Not since 2013.

Last year we had 2,200 donations and that number can only go up. Every donation saves three lives and, combined with USC, we save over 18,000 lives annually. This is super impressive if you think about it. Only two schools, saving that many lives.


And if saving three lives, getting a free t-shirt, and beating USC at something else is not incentive enough, you also get access to a ton of deals to local stores and restaurants. PSA THIS INCLUDES BOGO CHIPOTLE WOHOOO.

For something that only takes about 30 minutes, participating in this blood bowl sounds like a college student’s dream: free food, free clothes, and beating USC. Your donation is greatly appreciated because blood transfusions save hundreds of lives daily and hospitals are in constant need of blood.

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